Why I Dont Have a Smartphone

Recently, I realized there was only enough money in my account to pay one of two remaining bills for the month. Either pay car insurance or pay a shitty MVNO for another month of wireless service to smile about. Whenever it rang, it was mostly robots trying to sell me warranties for a vehicle I no longer own. Or to help me save on car insurance. In my case, the things I used a smartphone for did not justify the need to pay the monthly cost.

Since ditching my smartphone, I have developed heightened awareness of how detrimental to society they have become - and it’s getting worse. People are more connected than ever, but it’s a facade. Almost everyone I know, including family, have nearly lost touch with reality and now act in accordance to what is beamed to them via their smartphones.

I still need a phone, however. Just not a shiny black rectangle of privacy-invading data-harvesting energy-wasting social-fabric-eroding goodness. A phone that can make and receive calls. Maybe only make calls. I’ll send all incoming calls to voicemail. Remember the 80’s and 90’s? People did just fine with pagers and pay phones.

Speaking of pagers; That’s what I need. Time to build one.

The rest of this journey will take place in my Notes. So far, the plan includes one of these with one of these. Thought about going with one of these but then it’s too much like a smartphone.

Nerd level 9000. Don’t you dare say hipster.

For calls, I’ve decided to go with one of these and one of these. It’s going to be great.