Why I Use a Dvorak Keyboard and Why You Shouldn't

Because it’s cool… I guess. A little over a decade ago, I decided to try The Dvorak Keyboard.

The reasoning was sound. Less finger travel meant type faster with more comfort and reduced pain from RSI. When I was a teenager, I developed carpal tunnel that plagued me into my 20’s. Did switching to Dvorak fix it? Possibly. I’m honestly not sure.

Do I type faster? No. During the prime of my Qwerty youth, I was at somewhere between 160-180WPM. Now after 10 years into Dvorak, it’s probably the same, or slightly less.

I don’t care what anybody says. It’s not for coders. On Qwerty, finger travel time between keys commonly used in programming languages is somewhat evenly distributed. On Dvorak, you’re going to be hopping around a lot.

Cursor movement in Vim? Don’t even think about it. I still use arrow keys like a fucking noob. I see no point in trying to rebind keys and be accepted as some kind of Vim purist - only to end up breaking so many things. Over the years, I’ve managed to adapt to this. Vim is life.

Tiling window managers are a god-damned puzzle. My keyboard mappings are an abomination of dwm and i3 remapped to Dvorak in a manner that makes sense to me, and ONLY me. This makes trying out new tilers a slight hassle. If you want to have a stroke, setxkbmap dvorak in i3 and see how far you get.

Hotkeys in other programs are all fucky.

I can no longer type on Qwerty at speeds higher than about 20WPM. That’s how far down the Dvorak rabbit hole I am. If I were ever again at a point in life where I need to jump around between “Other Peoples’ PCs” to help them, I’d have to switch layouts. And yes, I have received phone calls from people who said I broke their shit because I forgot to change it back.

Don’t use Dvorak. Stick with Qwerty.